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Health Insurance Plans Selection

Major Medical

These days, health insurance is a topic we seem to hear about constantly. On news channels and in headlines, it’s the subject of national debate. But more than that, it’s an issue that can have a personal impact on every single person in this country. Our healthcare and our ability to pay for a plan that will protect us, is an ...

Affordable Guaranteed Issue Indemnity Coverage

Even though COBRA can fill in the gap, many can’t afford COBRA premiums, especially on limited unemployment pay. In tough times, you shouldn’t have to choose between paying for health insurance and paying for food, housing and other necessities. Explore your options .... The economic challenges we face today have resulted in millions of Americans losing out on their employer-based insurance programs. Are ...

Senior HIFE - Senior Home Care Solutions

According to Health and Human Services, 70% of seniors will need some form of home care in their lifetime. That is nearly three out of four of us!

Many seniors are under the impression that their traditional health care programs will also provide the desired services in the home such as meal preparation, grocery shopping, assistance with hygiene, dressing, grooming, 24- hour care, etc. Medicare, Medigap and most Medicare Advantage Plans are designed to cover hospital stays, doctor bills and some short term skilled nursing. Unfortunately, they do not cover the cost of everyday assistance in your own home...but we have the solution for you or your loved one.

Critical Illness and Life Insurance

Cancer, heart attack, stroke…all major medical illnesses that can be overwhelming and frightening.


Life Insurance in Today's Economic Environment If you’ve been putting off buying life insurance because of the cost, you may not realize that there’s an affordable alternative...

Dental and Vision

Find plans with no waiting periods, coverage for basic and major dental services, access to an extensive network of dentists nationwide, and many more benefits.  

Dental co-pays beginning at $10, coverage for any age, and a yearly eyeglass/contacts exam. 

United Health Care Short-term Major Medical

UHC provides a short term medical plan that is an affordable option for you. Short Term Medical pays benefits for a pre-determined length of coverage, up to a Coverage Period of $2,000,000 per Covered Person. You can select from a wide range of deductible and coinsurance options to customize a plan to fit your needs and budget. ...

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