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Health Insurance Plans Selection

Major Medical

These days, health insurance is a topic we seem to hear about constantly. On news channels and in headlines, it’s the subject of national debate.  But more than that, it’s an issue that can have a personal impact on every single person in this country.


Short Term Major Medical

Even though COBRA can fill in the gap, many can’t afford COBRA premiums, especially on limited unemployment pay. In tough times, you shouldn’t have to choose between paying for health insurance and paying for food, housing and other necessities.

Limited medical

Do you need a basic insurance plan that covers your most predictable healthcare needs, but can’t afford the monthly premiums of a major medical insurance plan? Do you need to supplement a high deductible plan to help cover routine medical expenses? When conventional major medical insurance gets too expensive being uninsured shouldn't be your only option.

Life Insurance

With the tough economic times these days, it’s easy to think, “Maybe I don’t need a life insurance plan right now.” In reality, maybe you need one now more than ever.

Critiical Illness

ancer, heart attack, stroke…all major medical illnesses than can be overwhelming and frightening. When such an illness occurs, it can be difficult enough just dealing with the diagnosis, follow-up care and recovery. Worrying about the financial challenges caused by the illness only adds to the burden.





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